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California's Real ID Extended Until April 1, 2019


The Transportation Security Administration issued a statement on Wednesday that, California’s extension has been extended through April 1, 2019, to allow sufficient time to complete the review of their REAL ID compliance certification. Meaning Californians can still use a valid driver's license and ID cards for federal purpose such as boarding domestic commercial flights. The previous extension was set to expire January 10, 2019. If the extension had expired that would have declared all California licenses and ID card would be invalid for domestic flights. The DMV blamed the government shutdown for delays.

Just a reminder of what is needed to obtain a REAL ID

1. I strongly recommend making an appointment to visit a DMV office.

2. You will need to provide proof of your identity, such as,

  • certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate,

  • U.S. passport

  • employment authorization document,

  • permanent resident card

  • foreign passport with an approved form I-94

  • present proof of your Social Security number, such as an SSN card, W-2 or paystub with full SSN

3. Along with the proof of identity you will need to show a California residency document,

such as,

  • a rental or lease agreement,

  • mortgage bill

  • utility bill

  • medical or school document

  • An original or certified copy of a name change document, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree, may be required

If you know you will not be boarding a domestic flight or visiting secure federal facilities or military bases, you do not need a REAL ID driver license or ID card.

You do not need a federal compliant REAL ID to do the following:

  • Drive

  • Apply for or receive federal benefits

  • Enter a federal facility that does not require ID (post office)

  • Visit a hospital or receive life-saving services

REAL ID and federal non-compliant cards are both valid forms of identification. All driver licenses, including REAL ID driver licenses, cost $35 and ID cards cost $30.

Click on the link bellow to use the REAL ID Interactive Checklist

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